Alex Anderson

Alex has been involved with cycling all his life. Starting with local club Welwyn Wheelers, he has lived and raced in Belgium for Asfra-Flanders and then raced Premier Calendar events, elite crits and The Tour Series for the VC-Equipe team. Alex has worked as a mechanic and shop manager for several specialist bike shops around Hertfordshire and has extensive workshop experience across the full spectrum of the industry. 

Jonathan O'Neil

Jonathan O'Neil is a qualified sport and remedial masseur and a bike fitting technician trained at the renowned Cyclefit studios in Covent Garden.  He has fitted pro cyclists, members of the Irish Paralympic team and Ironman champions as well as many club riders.  He is also a Cytech Level 2 trained mechanic.

He has a long association with cycling, initially as a rider before going on to work with many pro teams both in the UK and Europe as a soigneur, including the Great Britain Cycling Team.  He has worked on UCI stage races and at the Olympics as well as domestic events like the Tour Series.

Poppy O'Neil

After finishing university, Poppy joined Spoke as both cafe manager and star baker. When not working, she enjoys going to music festivals. However, due to COVID-19, she is more likely to be found riding the off-road trails of Hertfordshire. 

Gavin Bench

Mechanic Gavin has picked up his workshop skills from an array of different bike shops but we are lucky enough to have him here at Spoke now. Gavin also races for and helps manage the Verulam Really Moving race team based in St. Albans. His knowledge of Belgian beer comes in great use as Gavin is the man behind our range of alcohol.

Alex Ranscombe

Alex is keen road racer but has recently got into the off-road side of cycling due to the Spoke gravel ride. He races for the Bedfordshire Road Race Team as an u23. When not riding his bike or working he likes to relax. 

Matt Watson

Matt started at Spoke for work experience in December 2019 and is still here to this day. Alongside the guidance of Sean, he has perfected his coffee making skills. Matt is a part of the Flamme Rouge junior team and races both locally and nationally. When not working Matt will almost certainly be half way through a threshold effort or enjoying a piece of the Spoke triple chocolate brownie. 

Luca La Ragione

When he’s not looking stylish is his SpokeCyclesCC kit Luca is making coffees left, right and centre! His panache is extended to his silky flat whites and sweet espressos. 

Ben King

Ben “the toastie” King loves to make the famous Spoke toasties. When not putting together a ‘cheese and chutney’ Ben can be found flying around a stunt park on his full-sus mountain bike. 

Sean O’Brien

The Spoke artist! Sean began life is the coffee van passing his barista skills onto the younger members of staff. He has now gone on to pursue a career as an artist but he still provides us with all our imagery and drawings that you see at Spoke. 


Ruby is Spoke's resident pup. You may have seen this little one running around our cafe and workshop leaving a trail of smiles behind her. Ruby aids all areas of Spoke from the cafe to the workshop.

Lucy Neatham

Lucy is a member of the Finsbury Park Cycling Club and can be found in the workshop and the cafe. When not working Lucy will be riding her bike or rock climbing. Her life on two wheels started with mountain bikes but Lucy primarily rides road nowadays. 

Fred Wakeling

Fred was born into a cycling family: his father was a well known judge in the area and under his guidance Fred competed as a junior at a regional level on the road and track. Soon the appeal of two wheels was replaced by the lure of four and Fred became a autocross driver. Having been trained at Vauxhall Fred then moved to Robert Bosch working with all the major car manufacturer dealing with any quality issues that they believed they had with Bosch products. He  returned to cycling riding in the LVRC series and some mountain biking riding several Trail quests and Polaris events which involved detailed navigation. In more recent years Fred spent his spare time with his wife taking part in classic car rally events both in the UK and on the continent in both a Porsche 911 and a BMW 2002. Fred should be taking things easy but instead finds himself supporting Alex and Gavin in the workshop, still working for Bosch a couple of days a week and finding some time to ride his bikes and enjoy his 2 grandchildren.


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