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What's on?!

At SpokeCC there's a ride for everyone

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TFIG Fridays, Gravel/Off Road

10.30am Fridays from 30th September

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Workshy Wednesday Clubruns

10.30am Wednesdays from 28th September

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Ride Of The falling Leaves

8th October, Spoke HQ

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Gravel Majorca

September 25th-30th

Call it cross country or gravel; we know it as the weekly off-road social.

Pace: social

Requirements: mountain bikes, cyclocross and gravel bikes welcome; riders must be self-sufficient with puncture spares and tools.

More details and entry via Rider HQ

Our Wednesday clubrun is a 70km ride through the lanes of Hertfordshire.

16 - 17mph average speed. No one is dropped.

Maximum group size of 8 riders.

More details and entry via Rider HQ

Our very own Ride of the Falling Leaves! Starting from  Spoke HQ with a choice of routes winding through the rolling Hertfordshire hills before returning to watch Il Lombardia LIVE with a bowl of frites and a beer.

Pace: your call!

Entry details :Ride of the Falling Leaves

For 5 nights riders are holed up in a boutique hotel run by ex-pro Jan Eric-Schwarzer at the most famous training destination in cycling.​ This time they're not here for the legendary roads, they're here for the gravel. Four days of 60-80kms on Mallorca's gravel roads, seeing a side of the Island riders rarely see.


With all connections on the island and bikes taken care of, register your interest at now.

Coming up..

Upcoming rides for your diary!

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Dirty Reiver 
22nd - 23rd April '23



 (ˈriːvə) noun

 a robber or thief

9c24cfbd-4fb5-462e-a18c-7691956a1e4e 2.JPG

Kielder. Big forest. Lots of hills. Miles and miles of gravel roads. No wonder the Dirty Reiver is ground zero for gravel grinding in the UK with 65, 130 and 200km courses. In 2022 the Spoke Team were dropped just South of the Scottish border to reccy the routes. Broken and bloodied but with mission accomplished, now we plan to take a beefed up force to the Dirty One Thirty in 2023 and with that we are pleased to announce we are opening up the Spoke roster and accepting bookings from you guys! Want to join? Email in to info@spoke to register your interest.

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The Ale Cycling Gandia (Valencia) Gran Fondo 9th April '23

Details to follow, watch this space!

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