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It’s rather like the saying about the difference between giving someone who is hungry a fish or a fishing rod: one makes a single meal, the other is a constant source of meals.


It’s good for us if we service your bike. And it’s good for your bike if we fix it and keep it well. But what happens when you’re miles from home and something happens? Wouldn’t it be good all round if you were equipped with some roadside or post ride basic repair and maintenance skills?  

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Our roadside mechanics course covers all the basics - punctures, broken chains and snapped hangers - so you'll ride away confident in your ability to get home if disaster strikes. We run regular courses on  a Thursday evening, with two instructors, from 6pm. You bring your own bike so nothing is lost in translation. Courses to last 2.5-3 hours but don't worry, there's a coffee (or something stronger) break halfway through. Why not come as a club or group of friends? Course places are limited, book yours today on 01438 488388. You shouldn’t really leave home without having been on one!

Roadside mechanics course £50

Home mechanics courses available by request. 

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