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For the What-Ifs

We've all been there, the sudden cyclic hiss as air escapes from one of your tyres. It's 2°C, you're 50km from home and riding on the rim. How confident are you in your ability to get a new tube in before the cold sets in or are you relying on your better half to rescue you?

Spoke offer classes in roadside mechanics to take the chance element out getting home safely. Classes will cover:

- Puncture repairs

- Chain repairs

- Equipment and tyre choices

- Get-me-home solutions

In addition to the course itself, Spoke are also offering a promotional saddle bag package with all the essentials you need for a cool £45 (priced individually at £61.50). Class are run on Wednesday evenings from 7 and usually take around an hour and a half.

Class price: £30


Get confident working on your machine

We understand that most riders tend to do their own mechanics to a certain point before handing over to a local bike shop professional; what we at Spoke aim to do with our Home Mechanics course is extend that point and give you real confidence in your ability to maintain your machine, prolong the interval between services and get the most out of your components. Home mechanics classes cover:

- Gear setup

- Brake setup

- General safety checks 

- Identifying worn parts

- Correct use of grease/lubricant

Exclusive only to Spoke students, we are offering a 10% discount on our recommended home mechanics tool set at £65 (RRP £75)


Get to know your bike inside and out.

Spoke are proud to offer the complete bicycle anatomy servicing course. This is a purely one-to-one session tailored to you and your bike. Your bike will effectively undergo our Superior Service with you on the tools aided by one of the team.

The Advanced Mechanics course will cover:

- Full bike strip down, clean and rebuild

- Component cleaning and maintenance 

- Brake set up

- Hydraulic bleeding (if applicable)

- Headset removal and adjustment 

- Bottom bracket removal and adjustment

- Derailleur indexing and adjustment

- Wheel truing

- Hub servicing

- General maintenance

- Handlebar taping

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