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We are Spoke.

Riding is important to us. We know how important it is to you. We want to help you get the most from it.
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That means making sure your bike runs well, fits perfectly and is available to ride when you want.

At Spoke we clean, maintain and repair bikes. We’ll even collect them from your home and deliver them back to you so that your free time can be spent riding rather than in the repair shop.

If you do come and see us you’ll find more than a workshop. In a van, in a barn, on a farm is an Italian coffee machine that pumps out the best espresso in the County, a kitchen that bakes and toasts, and a Belgian beer list that reads like a Tour of Flanders start sheet. Inside watching live racing, or outside watching  farting goats.

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What we are not is a shop. With an interest in selling you product. But we can get stuff. We aren’t tied to any particular brand or supplier: the world wide web is our stockroom, meaning you get the widest choice available. 

And once you have it we can help you use it, whether on our social gravel-and-beers mid week evening spin or our Sunday morning chain gang.

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At Spoke we ride, repair and repose.

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