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Bikes like to be looked after. They need to be looked after. Treat them well and they’ll pay you back in spades. Or miles. Or years. Even comfort. Certainly speed. 


Just like with a car the trick with bikes is to catch any problem before they happen. There are a lot of moving parts on a bike, and a lot of bad weather and potholes in the UK. Parts wear and corrode, even where you can’t see. Especially where you can’t see. So keep your bike clean, lubed and serviced. And when things do go wrong, and they will, get it worked on by someone who knows what they’re doing and has the proper tools to repair it. And who cares.

We have one of the largest and best equipped workshop in the area and our mechanics are all professionally qualified with years of experience in the industry and on teams. So the quality of our work is high and the waiting times low. 


Every bike is fully inspected and a call made to the client to discuss the work and the cost before the job starts. So there are no surprises either.

We carry a wide range of common replacement parts and since we are not tied to any particular brand we can order in almost any part for next day. The World Wide Web is our stock room. We like to replace parts like-for-like to ensure no changes to your riding experience unless you're looking for a specific change. 


Where we can we use environmentally friendly lubricants and detergents because every little act counts, right?

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Terrified of being stranded by the side of the road unable to get home? Spoke offer mechanics courses that will get you and your bike out of trouble. 

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