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Great coffee, delicious homemade cakes, our famous 3 cheese toasties, soup and sausage rolls as well as our daily 'specials'. Oh, and beer! Wellies, walkers &

waggy tails welcome! 

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Bikes need building from the box, and once built they need servicing, and sometimes  even need repairing. 

Spoke does it all and we even collect and deliver. All you have to do is ride.

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Cycling should not be painful or uncomfortable but for many riders it's literally a pain in the arse. A Spoke fit marries bike and rider in a harmonious union for miles of blissful happy ever after.

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All dressed up with nowhere to go? Spoke rides and trips can take cycling Cinders’ to the ball. Chose from gravel or road, Codicote, up North and even overseas: there’s a Spoke ride for everyone.

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